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Apr 2 2017, 03:47 PM
As she sat on a log on the oustskirts of Falkreath, Selina couldn't help but feel like this may not have been the best of plans. She knew Dovi well enough, sure, and she knew the people the Dragonborn surrounded herself with would more than likely be able to help her out, but she hadn't considered the other reaction from the locals. They were extremely wary of her, sure, but they also treated her like she and her friend were utterly alien to their point of view, which was both true and annoying. Maybe it would've been better to ditch the leather jacket and jeans for something more local, but whatever. Damage was done and the girls at Lakeview were already clued in on the whole Multiverse.

Now it was just a matter of waiting for Raelyn to finish fangirling over being in Skyrim.
Feb 4 2017, 06:32 PM
Out of all the primal forces in the world, Dovi was fairly certain time was her least favorite. Energy could be harnessed and controlled, and space could be manipulated, but time was always just ticking along, immutable and the best that could be done was work around it. For the dragonborn engineer, it was a slap in the face to all of her abilities, and even the power of the dragon gods that lived within her was a distant shadow of the real thing.

All of this made the time-warping existence of Karnaca even more annoying.

The dragonborn had swapped out her coat of dragonscale armor for a long leather coat in this more industrial world, but she still wore her Nightingale armor underneath it out of a desire for straight-up protection. She had been watching this world for some time but she still didn't have a great idea of how things functioned here, except for a few things. One of those things, the mysterious whale oil powering the industrial revolution throughout the Empire, was her primary goal for being here, and dragging an old friend along for some adventure and discovery.
Dec 21 2016, 10:45 AM
It had been a long time coming, but Stone settled down at a small outdoor coffee shop in the main shopping district in Radiant Garden with two cups of tea. She had been noticing things the last few weeks hanging about with Millie, and while she didn't want to ruin anything outright she needed to know what was going on. She had seen someone following them more than once, even into the Outer Worlds, and it had gone on for long enough that she was getting worried for this shadowy figure's intentions. That said, she wasn't going to start a fight on a hunch, and so she had done what she saw as the best thing and decided to invite the person out to lunch by way of a note left where they would find it if they kept following them.

Now it was just a matter of whether they would turn up.
Sep 4 2016, 03:40 PM
Two days of planning, packing, and travel after their meeting, Stone and Howaito were ready to start their job. Stone still had Calvin's Gummi ship for traveling around the Multiverse, and it had helpfully dropped them off not too far from the Soviet Base Camp that was home to what she hoped was enough money to keep them afloat for a while yet. Now she was watching the site from the top of a hill next to the main entrance, trying to work out how the guard patrols worked as the sun dipped below the ridge on the opposite side of the base.

Everything was more or less how she remembered it; the main gate was guarded by a bored-looking soldier in a kiosk and two more riding some sort of robot, there was a firing range that she wasn't concerned with off to the far right of the compound with a few more guards making their rounds there and at the guardhouse along the main road through base, and two large bunkers that reminded her of aircraft hangars stood tall and proud in the middle of the facility, along with another bombed-out husk. Storage facilities littered the rim of the base to her left, and in the middle was a huge parking lot devoid of anything besides bored Soviets.

"Right... Okay, what we're looking for is almost definitely in one of those two big hangars. Doors on either side, and probably security inside. Never been in one, myself."
Jul 22 2016, 08:42 PM
All things considered, life in Traverse Town was getting downright boring. Jane had been working for months keeping the bigger heartless at bay when the Vendbringers couldn't cut it, but she was ultimately just slaying monsters day in and day out and being a tour guide for new Interferences when they arrived. It wasn't a bad life, but she still felt like there was more out there she needed to do. More people in need of saving, more worlds that could still fall to the darkness. She had an itch to go out and save the Multiverse, and so today she was heading in to see George. Perhaps he could solve her problem.

The workshop was quiet as ever when she pushed in the door, and she settled down to wait for the mad inventor. She didn't know what had been pushing her so suddenly, but she wanted him to take a look at her inner bits and make sure she hadn't tripped a breaker in her heroism function or anything.
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